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At first glance, one might think that living in a dormitory is primarily a technical thing: a place to sleep, rest and gather strength. But when we look deeper, we discover much more.


""A man of Chesed is good to himself' – this refers to (the likes of) Hillel. When he said goodbye to his students, he would walk with them.

His students asked: Rabbi, where are you going?

Hillel replied: To do a Mitzva.

His students asked: And what is this Mitzva?

He replied: Taking a bath in the bathhouse.

His students asked: And that is a Mitzva?

He answered: If the statues of kings erected in theaters are washed and scrubbed…how much more should we, who were created in G-d's image, take care of our bodies, as it says: 'For in the image of God He made man'" (Vayikra Raba, 34)


The Essence of Dorm Life:

Living in a dorm is not just about eating and sleeping. The dormitory has a significant and important place in the students' lives. The daily routine presents many opportunities and many challenges, and when we properly prepare and guide the dorm staff, we can empower and develop the souls and character of our students.

The dormitory is a home. All the important theories and principles learned during the day in Yeshiva can be put into practice in the dorm. It can be a place for socializing: In an age where every man fends for himself and the general atmosphere is one of isolation, the dorm is a place where many kinds of students live side by side. Dorm life builds character, basic strengths, proper behavior, social skills, and personal and collective responsibility.


The Staff:

The dorm's staff includes: Every class has a Madrich (2 counselors per grade), two housemothers, two social workers, a nurse, and a manager. Our large staff allows us to understand our precious students and help them grow, while taking care of their material and spiritual needs.


Social Activities:

The staff really connects with the students through hours of personal talks, with students growing especially close to the young counselors, forming bonds which influence them for years.

Every Thursday before the night-learning session, the counselors give over a lesson. The educational staff presents them with a wide variety of important themes to choose from, and the counselors prepare fun, meaningful, interactive lessons.

Every other week the students go to the counselor's home for a Torah talk, the topic of which is chosen according to the students' interests.


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