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 The Yeshiva High School Kiryat Arba


Hebron- The 'Melting Pot' for the Children of Israel
Over four millennia ago, Abraham, the father of our nation, acquired the deed for a tract of land in Hebron. His vision wasn't limited to the moment but rather, he foresaw Jews living there generations later. His legacy has been translated into a modern reality with the reestablishment of the Jewish community in Kiryat Arba – Hebron. We the Yeshiva High School at Kiryat Arba are proud to be part of this rebirth.
The Yeshiva High School was founded twenty three years ago, by Rabbi Avinoam Horowitz, and has 400 students enrolled. A great need exists for high schools which can prepare young people for the difficult challenges of the future.

In Kiryat Arba, the birthplace of the nation, the young boys grow into idealistic Israeli men. It's no accident that all of its students are infused with the leadership spirit of our forefathers. The love of Torah, the nation, and the land, taught in the classroom, are reinforced by the special atmosphere and history of Hebron.